Customer reviews in March , April and May – 2017

Full Name: Julio Rodriguez

Nationality: USA

Treatment: Implants + crowns

Visited clinic on: 01st March 2017

My treatment is only halfway done, I have had the crowns and inplants, but will come back in 5 months to place teeth on implants. So far it has been a very good experience, no pain and surgery healing very well. The staff very friendly and helful. I have met others from NZ, Australia and the UK at the clinic who are also very happy. So far I would gladly recommend to others.

Full Name: Atiqah

Nationality: Malaysia

Treatment: Cleaning + teeth whitening

Visited clinic on: 23 March 2017

Very good, very friendly. I will definitely visit again

Full Name: Brian Hawley

Nationality: Australia

Treatment: implant

Visited clinic on: 05/04/2017

Everything went well, had no problems at all. Everyone was friendly and professional, i will defenitely return

Full Name: David Nguyen

Nationality: UK

Treatment: crowns + root canal

Visited clinic on: 12/04/2017

Excellent clinic, professional thorough. Great value could not have afforded work that was done at home. Verry happy with results.

Lovely staff, very professional, great service and time lines. Worked with me to get all dental complete in the time frame I was there.many trips but more than happy with the results.

Full Name: Simon Joanes

Nationality: British

Treatment: Root canals + 2 Zirconia crowns

Visited clinic on: 13/04/2017

Great dental pratice. I was very happy with all aspects of root canal and 2 Zirconia crowns. I will coming back for follow treatment

Full Name: Siti

Nationality: Singapore

Treatment: teeth whitening

Visited clinic on: 26/04/2017

Everything is very good, awesome service and price. Straff “ thanks mae me feel at home”. Thank you so much

Full Name: Christopher Kennedy

Nationality: UK

Treatment: 3 crowns

Visited clinic on: 16/05/2017

No problem, very kind a helpful and no pain, very good better than The UK

Full Name: Lawrie Fabian

Nationality: Australian

Treatment: Bridge/ crowns

Visited clinic on: 23/05/2017

Very happy with the results. Thank you so much Rose dental

Full Name: Dale King

Nationality: Australian

Treatment: All on 6

Visited clinic on: 16/05/2017

All on 6 with straunmann implants. implants placement was quite painless. Dr Thuy thank you so much for giving me back my smile. Receptionist were exceptionaly and good. Ms. Hang is very friendly. I will be beck again to upgrade my bridge, get 8 crowns. I will recommend this practice to my friends and family. Thank you so  much

Full name: Matthew + Joanna

Nationality: British

Both Joanna and myself had excellent service, treatment and care while understanding 3 days at treatment. Very professional + friendly. Many thanks.

Full name: Lindsay Smith

Nationality: Australia

Rose dental clinic it should be called ( Rose garden dental clinic) because the staff of young ladies are really flowers from the garden. They and the rest of the staff done a wonderful job on my new set off teeth my previous false teeth were 67 years old. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone.

Full name: Wesley Wong

Nationality: Australian

Per remarks from surgery patient Mr. Kim Alison – that is very good.

Full name: Gavin Lowden

Nationality: Australian

Treatment: implant + crown + clean

I had 1 implant & 1 crown and full clean very professional, friendly & caring. I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone, who needs treatment. I will be returning for any further crowns & treatment. Thanks you to the doctor & staff.

Full name: James R. Smith

Nationality: USA

Treatment: missing teeth, crooked + weathered / yellow teeth

Excellent want by Dr. Bình (attending dentist) &email contact + guidance by Dr. Thủy + her very helpful office manager. I had many dental problems: missing teeth, crooked + weathered / yellow teeth. The result: a total mouth restoration with a beautiful smile of straight right sized, white teeth all at great price over USA, in an excellent location, very good hotels. Better than USA!

Full name: Mr. Brandon Floy

Nationality: Australian

Treatment: crowns

I am writing this letter to say thank you for the excellent dental treatment I received at your office. A year ago, I was living in Viet Nam, and I went to see a dentist. After talking an X-ray of my teeth, the doctors told me that two of my teeth would need to be extracted, so I went to a second dentist and I asked them for their opinion. They told me the same thing. They said my teeth needed  to be extracted. So, I decided that didn’t really have a choice, and I tried to find a good dentist to extract my teeth. I made an appointment at Rose dental to have my teeth extracted, but when the orthodontist ( Dr. Binh) looked at my teeth, he said that they did not need to be extracted. he said I could keep my teeth, and I just needed a root canal and a crown. Now, eight months later, my teeth feel great. The infection that was there before is gone. Your clinic saved me from permanently losing two of my teeth, and you also saved me thousands of dollars and lots of embarrassment. I can’t say thank you enough for the wonderful service I received.

Full name: Jillian Cadenas

Nationality: USA

Treatment: 2 root canal + crowns

After seeing another dentist in HCM. I came here for a second opinion. I was happy with their treatment plan ( and price) and have been very satisfied with the whole process. I will definitely come back if I need treatment in the future.

Full name: Daryl Williams

Nationality: Australian

Treatment: 3 crowns

Very happy with treatment. Very professional staff – Dentists and nurses. I will return for a checkup later in year.


Full name: Hugh Lynn

Nationality: Australian

Treatment: 3 crowns

Very satisfied. Will recommend to Australia.

Full name: Bob Worthington

Nationality: Australian

Treatment: bridge- crowns

Very happy with all my treatments, cost + pain were minimal. Highly recommend service + staff.

Full name: Lyn Anne Chandler

Nationality: Australian

Treatment: crowns

My teeth were discolored due to lots of previous filling. Following my husband’s treatment loot year. I decided( mainly for cosmetic reason) to have crowns in 10 teeth on top and 8 on bottom. I arrived on Tuesday, began my treatment of Wednesday and today ( Saturday) I have my beautiful teeth – no longer will I hide my smile. Thank you Dr Binh- you are amazing.

Full name: Marie Patrice Sherriff

Nationality: Australian

Treatment: teeth replacement

I am very pleased with all my treatment. Result was better than I imagined. Thank You.

Full name: Roger Chandler

Nationality: Australian

Treatment: implant + crowns

I was very happy about the outcome of my treatment at Rose Dental. They restored my self confidence in my smile and repaired to change time and my personal habits had done to my teeth. I love my new smile and my new ability to eat without fear of toothache! Thank you Rose Dental!

Full name: Deborah Lindsay

Nationality: Canadian

Treatment: crowns + bridge

My treatment went treatment well. I had a great fear of dentist so much sad that at my last treatment in Canada, non trial half of my face pusulysed, too much stress and I was afraid and pained this event to the dentist here. She took such good sure of me, stopping asking me if I was all right reasoning. I look like a new women. like a star very crowed and she patiently

Full name: Ngamahi Turner

Nationality: New Zealand


It’s hard to imagine just over a week ago my teeth were in a bad state. Thanks to Rose Dental I have a perfect smile. To the staff ( who are amazing), no words can describe how grateful I am for the professional + caring support I received thraghtaut my treatment, meticulous attention to dental on the workman ship is absolutely Amazing. I will definitely recommend  Rose Dental to my family and friends. Kind regards!

Full name: Mr. Kenneth E. C. Westall

Nationality: English

Treatment: fillings/ clean

This was my first treatment at a dentist, I am 68 year old, no pain fast service and a very satisfactory outcome. The price could not be better and nor could the result. Thank you Rose Clinic and Staff.

Full name: Matthew Somer

Nationality: New Zealand

Treatment: My treatment  – all upper jaw: 5x bone grafts, 2 sinus lifts, 1 root canal, 1 extraction, 6 implants.

I have 100% trust faith in their work, my treatment was extensive, pain free. These are true professionals and to be honest. I feel better than in N.3 and of course a better price. Thanks Rose Dental. You give me my smile back.

Full name: Ava Gibbon

Nationality: Canadian

Treatment: bridge & crowns

After refer from a family member I came to Rose Dental. Initial consultation was very thorough and professional. Treatment was decided on and began the first day. Many trips to the clinic in a very short period of time have resulted in a full smile again! First time in many years. Very happy with results & clinic. Thanks to all.

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