Customer reviews June 2017

Full name: Vivienne Parminter

Nationality: New Zealand/ Australian

I am 68 years old and have had many Dental experiences Rose Dental. The best dental experiences of my lifetime. However throught I would enjoy going to the Dentist! Everything from airport pick up to the daily pick up to and from over accommodation to the final result of dental treatment.  Thank you to the delight Rose and staff, you are all fabulous.

Full name: Mohamed Nazeem

Nationality: Singapore

Treatment: implants and crown

Happy with the treatment of the above mentioned. Explanation  and cost of treatment were clearly explained. Staff was very very friendly and flexible. Very happy and definitely recommended.

Full name: Kevin Parminter

Nationality: Australian

Treatment: Caps/ Crowns

So pleased I came here to Rose Dental Clinic. Everything was great, the total care package, staff were really friendly and caring. My completed treatment was an excellent success and I have a great smile again. Thank you! I will return.

Full name: Ben Robinson

Nationality: UK

Treatment: bridge

Fantastic overall, offered  to pick me up before every appointment. Spoke good English. Very good price would definitely recommend. Staff very nice. Thanks.

Full name: Julio Rodriguez

Nationality: USA

Treatment: implants + crowns

My treatment is only halfway done, I have had the crowns and implants, but will come back in 5 months top place teeth on implants. So far it has been a very good experience, no pain and surgery healing very well. The staff  are very friendly  and helpful . I have met others from NZ, Australia, and the UK  at the clinic who are also very happy. So far I would gladly recommend to others.


Nationality: USA

Treatment:  Implants + crowns

I am very happy with the treatments received from Dr. Thuy and her staff, so glad i picked the night Dental office. Have been recommended Rose clinic to my friends and will continue to do so! Dr.Thuy will go beyond to make sure. I am happy with the result. She is a perfectienist and i am so glad to have found her! The office staff is the most friendliesr i have never met! Thanks for the great service !


Nationality: RUSSIA

Treatment: crowns on implants

Treatment and process was excellent. Very little pain, wonderful staff, very good communication and price about a third of what i would have paid in Australian.

Full name: Ms. TSAI HUI JEN

Nationality: TAIWAN

Wonderful, friendly staff and professional dentist. I will recommend Rose Dental Clinic to all my friends! Thank you so much for my new smile!

Full name: Steven Stubbe

Nationality: USA

Treatment: root canal + crown

I was told by a dentist in the states that my tooth could not be fixed and needed to be removed and i should have on impalnt in its place. I assumed Dr. Thuy would say the same. She surprised me and said she could save the tooth with a root canal and a crown. They did a very thorough job. My tooth no longer hearts. The crown feels like my own tooth before it broke. I have had a crowns in the USA done in the past. I can honestly say this one was done with more skill. It was not rushed. I would come again with any other problems or future up keep. Thank you Rose Dental!

Full name: Mrs. Christine Hines

Nationality: NEW ZEALAND

Treatment: crowns + tooth extractions + bridge

I have the misfontune of hours a wooked bite, as a consequence  of which i have recommed some very shitty dental treatment at home. Rose Dental Doctor have done some maonificent work in my mouth. I have never felt so good about my teeth and bite. Thank you!


Nationality: AUSTRALIAN

Treatment: implants & crowns

Have had treatment at Rose dental for the last 2 years and finally my work is done! Amazing dentists & wonderful work. Thank you!


Nationality: AUSTRALIAN

Treatment: Healings

Once again i am very happy with the treatment i have recevied. You have taken away my fear of going to the dentist!


Nationality: CHINA

Treatment: Crowns

The staff was wonderful! I recevied 3 days treatment and every thing is so good. My mom was with me and they help us very enthusiasm. Thank you!


Nationality: AUSTRALIAN

Treatment: root canal + fillings

I was very appre + nervous about getting treatment in Vietnam


Nationality : ITALIAN

Treatment: root canal + fillings + crowns

I have always been so scared to go to the dentist. This was the first time every one was so friendly and the treaments. Thank you so much!


Nationality : AUSTRALIAN

Treatment : wisdom teeth + crowns

Treatment was fast, prompt, and professional. Dr Thuy kept stressing about the perfection of the capped tooth, and i am satisfied with the result. One of my wishdom teeth caused trouble, taking an exhausing 2 hours to removed, which was not fun. But the main point is , i wanted the healing to be fast, and i am very satisfied. I have clean, healthy teeth with zero complications. Thank you Dr.Thuy and all the staff here at Rose Dental.

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