Customer reviews Aug , Sep, Oct, Nov 2016

Patient’ name: Amanda Bulgin

Nationality: Australian

Treatment: 10 crowns + 6 fillings

Visited clinic on: 13/07/2017

Our expenence at Rose dental has been very pleasant and professional. I was nervous coming to a foreign country to get all my teeth grind down for crowns to be placed. The dentists made me feel very comfortable and like I was in good hands. I am so happy with the end result. I can now smile freely again. Thank you

Patient’ name: Joanne Keen

Nationality: Australian

Treatment: front teeth filled

Visited clinic on: 16/07/2017

Great service didn’t cost that much quite cheap really. Will be back when next in HCM

Patient’ name: Irena Alexandrova

Nationality: Australian

Treatment: implants

Visited clinic on: 26/07/2017

My treatment very very well

Patient’ name: Krysta Brumlik

Nationality: New Zealand

Treatment: teeth whitening

Visited clinic on: 03/09/2017

Great friendly service, first time having my teeth whitened, staff very gentle and did a good job.

Patient’ name: Geoffrey Charles Golightly

Nationality: Australian

Treatment: denture

Visited clinic on:  06/08/2017

Very friendly and professional. Thanks

Patient’ name: Julio Rodriguez

Nationality: USA

Treatment: 2 crowns and 3 implants

Visited clinic on:  09/08/2017

I had two stage treatments about 6 months apart. I am generally satisfied with the end of result, and confidence in the treatment. One crown had to be redone because was too sensitive – needed root canal treatment. The male doctor is nice but can improve his communication and be a bit more gentle. The female doctor is excellent and very good at explaining. Our office staff is obsoletely FANTASTIC! I think support staff made the experience wonderful. Feel free to call or email for detail.

Patient’ name: Val. Mile Posselt

Nationality: Australian

Treatment: crowns, teeth whitening, filling

Visited clinic on: 14/09/2017

My husband and I had work done. Both very happy Dr. Trung excellent female staff excellent. Would be happy to come back.

Patient’ name: Carol Clarebrench

Nationality: Australian

Treatment: 8 crowns

Visited clinic on:  19/07/2017

I was very nervous as I hate the dentist normally.  The doctor was very gentle and did on excellent job. All the staff was friendly and professional. I recommend this clinic to anyone thinking about dental treatment.

Patient’ name: Saurabh Sharma

Nationality: Indian

Treatment: crowns and root canal treatment

Visited clinic on:  23/08/2017

I came for root canal and 3 crowns. The service provided was very good. I will be coming again. It is good prices.

Patient’ name: Huynh Công Thương

Nationality: Australian

Treatment: All on 6

Visited clinic on:  13/08/2017

It’s perfect. 6 implants on the top and 5 implants on the bottom. All done in 3 weeks

Patient’ name: John Keating

Nationality: New Zealand

Treatment: 7 crowns + 2 bridges

Visited clinic on:  10/08/2017

I was unsure to begin with but after initial check & clean, decided to go for the doctor. So to speak and was impressed the care and thoroughness of treatment. They go the extra mile to make sure its right

Full Name: Philip Wight

Nationality: Australia

Treatment: Full denture

Visited clinic on: 15/07/2017

Great treatment, recommend highly will come back. Thank you all staff at Rose Dental Clinic.

Full Name: Peter + Kanewa Stokes

Nationality: New Zealand

Treatment: Implants + Crowns + Root canals

Visited clinic on: 27/07/2017

What an awesome dental experience. All the staff are amazing. We came in on the 27th of July and on the last visit were on the 11th August. If only NZ dental trips could be so good. We would highly recommend Rose Dental Clinic. We have video our journey. Peter will send a copy to Dr.Thuy/ Dr Rose. We will return in about 8 months.

Full Name: Rachel

Nationality: Canada

Treatment: Fillings

Visited clinic on: 15/08/2017

Thank you, very kind and helpful

Full Name: Tina Fletcher

Nationality: Australia

Treatment: Full denture

Visited clinic on: 03/08/2017

Everyone was very nice + helpful. I cannot recommend this dentist enough. I came feeling very self-conscious and they help me feel confident. The procedures + treatments are of and excellent standard. Thank you!

Full Name: Dan Trietsch

Nationality: USA

Treatment: All on 4 for 2 jaws

Visited clinic on: 17/07/2017

Very professional + very confident

Full Name: Roger Houston

Nationality: Australia

Treatment: crowns + crowns on Implants

Visited clinic on: 11/08/2017

Thank you all for everything you have done to make my dental experience pain less! Every one of you is superstars!!

Full Name: Karen Knight

Nationality: New Zealand

Treatment: crowns

Visited clinic on: 01/09/2017

Brilliant, excellent, the best in every way possible. Would diffinatty recommend them. Wonderful and very friendly staff. Dr.Trung has done an excellent job on my teeth. Thank you all so much.

Full Name: John Pike

Nationality: Australia

Treatment: Cleaning

Visited clinic on: 01/07/2017

They were very efficient
“My Dental Implants appointment at the Rose Dental Clinic went very well and I was very pleased how efficient the clinic was. I was given a great consultation and great treatment all at a fairly reasonable price.
The clinic gave me a great consultation and even better treatment for my Dental Implants appointment, they were not hard to find, their prices were more than fair and their service was excellent. I am very pleased

Full Name: Amrita Sigh

Nationality: India

Treatment: Root canals + fillings.

Visited clinic on: 10/09/2017

After searching online, we came cross Rose Dental Clinic. They picked us from hotel on fine and very friendly. Decided to do treatment here as its way more expensive back home, hence why I have put off treatment for years! Wanted to get crown done to but due to fight delays we didn’t have fine unfortunately. Will recommend to everyone. Thank you team at Rose Dental Clinic.

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