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The best quality and friendly service

Full name: Thi Duy An Nguyen

Treatment : Root Canals, Fillings

The best quality and friendly service. Thank Rose Dental Clinic, especially thanks to Dr Trung, Dr Thuy, Lam and all staffs, you’re amazing. I was very happy and will recommend all of our friends and family to use your clinic.

This is my third time and I keep coming back because the service is excellent

Name: John

Nationality: Australia

Treatment: White Filling, Dental Checkup, Teeth Cleaning

I had a checkup, teeth clean and a filling.
This is my third time and I keep coming back because the service is excellent. They even pick me up from the airport! The teeth cleaning takes about an hour and I think that the filling on this occasion was done very efficiently

Name: Jeanette Williams
Nationality: Australian
Treatment date: 20/08/2018
Treatment Received: Teeth Cleaning, Teeth Whitening, Dental Crowns

I had a tooth crowned, CT, clean, whitening and plate all over a few days. I am completely satisfied with my treatment, cost and service which I received. From the first consultation to the final one I was very happy. Treatment was pain-free and the clinic was very clean. As a nurse, I chose Rose Dental after researching reviews of others. All staff from the secretary, receptionists and dentists were wonderful.


Nationality: USA

Date of treatment : 10/09/2018

Treatment received: bridges , ceramic teeth,root canal

I’m very happy with my new smile. Rose Dental replaced two failed upper jaw bridges having 12 ceramic teeth, with 2 root canals and titanium posts. The staffs are the sweetest and courteous people you’ll ever meet. Treatment was over eight days and all was done in a very professional manner. They listened to my needs and requests.

Full name: Wendy Alison Flowler
Nationality: Australian
Treatment received : Crowns, cleaning.
Treatment date : 01/09/2018

Everyone at the clinic was very professional and welcoming. They did a fabulous job. Will certainly come back when I need more work done.

Full name: Francis Juliard
Nationality : French
Dental treatment received: Implant All on 4 for both arch

Three months already that I’m wearing your new denture. Three months that every day I have a thought for you and your team …Wearing this denture really changed my life, especially since you changed the top one. We will surely make you a visit in May or June.

Thank you for your smile, your kindness and your professionalism!

Friendly thoughts.

Full name: Anne O’toole
Nationality: Australian
Dental treatment received: crowns
Date of treatment : 29/11/2018

I had a crown made which wasn’t quite right so they made it and you cannot even tell it’s a crown! Very good communication, procedures were quick and the work was done was excellent. Great clinic, small but professional.

Full name: Madelein Breedt
Nationality: Australian
Treatment received : Bone grafting
Treatment date : 17/12/2018

Bone grafting and preparing for implants.
Absolutely fantastic service. Friendly helpful staff. Highly recommended to everyone who would like to make use of their friendly service. Very professional, very happy and satisfied with the customer service. Will be back in October for the second phase. Thanks to all the staff for their help and kindness.

Full name: Marta Nawrocka
Nationality : Polish
Dental treatment received: post , filling
Treatment date : 25/01/2019

Everything, from booking to the appointment went smooth and easy – I contacted the clinic around 10pm and 20 min. later I was all set up. The doctor, as soon as I described my problem, went straight to the point doing his job precisely and painlessly 🙂 Even though, I was 20min. late – the personnel was waiting me and did everything to make me feel comfortable. Thank you! I truly recommend Rose Dental Clinic


I had 4 implants done. Very professional. They even sent me for a physical exam before the treatment. I am very happy with the outcome. The normal pain for a few days then after that no problem whatsoever.
The Doctor and staff were very helpful. They actually picked me up at the airport and were very professional. The clinic was not very large like most big city clinics but it was very clean, accommodating, punctual and quite comfortable. I had quite a good experience with this clinic.


FROM: Warren Seelig


I had All on 6 upper arch dental implants and my wife had 4 crowns done at Rose Dental Clinic in December 2017. The cost of all the dental work saved us thousands of dollars compared to what we would have paid in the USA. For example, my wife was quoted $1600 per crown done here whereas she paid less than $500 for all four crowns at Rose Dental Clinic with treatment that we both think exceeded what would have happened at our home dental clinic.
The Rose Dental Clinic was absolutely professional in every way including me having a medical check-up prior to the surgery required for the implants. The upper teeth were extracted and implants made all in the same day with great efficiency. The office was clean, comfortable, modern with a staff who was completely accommodating and cared about every aspect of our treatment.

It was an absolutely wonderful experience

Full name: John
Nationality : Canada
Dental treatment received: Dentures

Based on the reviews, I chose this clinic for my dentures. My wife also had treatment here and we paid exactly the price we found online – it was well worth it. I had to go back for follow-ups afterwards.
The clinic was a bit hard to find; it’s located at the top of some stairs, above some other shops. But once we arrived, the service was impeccable. It was an absolutely wonderful experience. My aftercare session was included in the price. Staff and service were great

I was very happy with the results

Full name: Joy Fisher Share
Nationality : Australia
Dental treatment received: Teeth Whitening, Fillings

I had my teeth whitened and 2 fillings. I had to go to the clinic on 2 occasions in one day and was picked up each time and transport was organized to return to my hotel. I was very happy with the results as I was a bit nervous getting dental work done in another country

Nationality: Australian
Treatment: Zirconia crowns, implants for top and bottom
Visited clinic on: March 2018

I first came to Rose Dental in Nov 2015 and had upper crowns and 3 implants on the bottom teeth. I returned in March 2018 to finish all bottom crowns and remaining upper back crowns. I am very happy with Rose Dental and staff . They were very helpful and excellent in communication
Thank you Dr. Thuy and all Rose Dental Team . Thank you Dr. Trung. You were all fantastic

Full Name: KIM HOILE
Nationality: Australian
Treatment: whitening and crowns
Visited clinic on: March 2018

Lady on reception excellent. Very happy with service teeth

Nationality: New Zealand
Treatment: implants, crowns, fillings
Visited clinic on: March 2018

Efficient, professional, great outcome of treatment. Third time back here for dental requirement.. would come again as staff are highly skilled and look after their patients.
Thank you so much

Nationality: Australian
Treatment: whitening
Visited clinic on: March 2018

I was very happy with the service provided to me. I was also grateful to be picked up from the airport & to my appointment as was my first time to Vietnam . Thank you

Nationality: Australian
Treatment: Crowns and veneers
Visited clinic on: March 2018

The result are far better than I thought. The dentist is meticulous about the finish of each tooth and so it does take a little longer but well worth the time spend on them. I highly recommend THE ROSE CLINIC. this is my second year at this clinic. I will come again if needed. They are so professional. Thank you so much

Nationality: Denmark
Treatment: crown
Visited clinic on: arch 2018

Proffessional staff. The gave e a good and very fair price.. I would be back

Full Name: Glenn Wade
Nationality: Viet Nam
Treatment: Dental Crowns, Dentures
Visited clinic on: Jul 2018

Excellent service by very professional staff. Two crowns and a new top plate.Excellent service by very professional staff. Even have an airport and hotel pick up. Totally pain-free

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